Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom

     Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom is a new photographic presentation of minerals that will build on the well-received and highly successful book, Nature's Garden of Crystals. Release date will be 2013. Each chapter has mineral specimens from a particular private mineral collection, business collection, or museum's collection. The cost per 16-page chapter is dramatically less than only two pages in major mineral magazines. Additionally, as part of being in the book, every chapter owner will receive 50 copies of the book to distribute. If you sell every one of your copies, instead of giving them to friends or customers for no charge, the cost of being in the book will be essentially cut in half!  There will be both major European as well as American participation in this book.


How Does the Process Work?


Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom

    You only need high quality images with captions and a page of text. Send in the images and text and we will put them into a layout and send you the proof copy. Usually we have the proof copy ready for your inspection within a few days. If you need assistance with your photos, we can offer help, usually for no extra cost. We will scan you film-based images (up to 4” x 5” or 10 x 12.5 cm) for no extra charge. Minor defects such as lint or small scratches can be repaired. We will also help you with the text.

    Guidelines: High quality images need to be in sharp focus and need to be printable up to about  7” x 8” (17.8 x 20 cm). Horizontal format pictures can be up to 8” wide (20 cm). The print resolution will be 350 dpi – the same as art books are printed. There should be minimal background in the finished printed image. Ordinarily, an 8-10 megabyte jpeg image is sufficient, although there may be great images with only 5 megabytes.

    Benefits: The advantages to having images in Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom are great. Low cost, high quality printing, hard cover book, wide distribution, stand-alone publication, and full-page images. There is the also option to have half-page images or two images per page. Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom will have black pages with white text, glossy pages, large format size (8.5” x 11”; 21.6 x 27.9 cm), and hard cover sewn binding.



    Price: Chapters (16 pages) are $3750. Additional pages available at a discount rate: $470 per four full pages or $300 for two full pages. Extra pages may be bought at any time before the deadline. The front cover may be reserved for you, as well as the back cover, dedication, frontispiece, etc. Please inquire.


N e w r y q s  @  g m a i l . c o m (no spaces)  (5 8 5) 2 8 8 – 0 0 5 9


Now taking contracts. Payments by check or PayPal.


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